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JavaScript Developer

#node.js | #web3 | #crypto | #NFTs | #dApps | #technology | #blockchain | #decentralisation | #Discord | #Arweave | #HandShake

Intermediate JavaScript Developer | Developer & Marketing @ RareWeave | Early OG RedStone | Web3 Enthusiast | Arweave Builder | Mod 2k+ Discord Coding Community

  • Age: 15
  • Originally from:Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Living in: Helsinki, Finland | UTC+2
  • Code Practical Experience: Middle
  • Email: alexcitten@proton.me
  • Orders: Available

Whisking through life with a hint of wild charm, I am a playful Fennec weaving dreams in the desert sands

Energetic and approachable coder with a knack for clear, logical thinking. I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve myself, whether it's mastering English and Finnish or exploring new technologies.

My journey started with crafting Discord bots, but I've since delved into the world of web3 and decentralized systems. Now, I'm creating cutting-edge bots that do amazing things within centralized messaging platforms, thanks to decentralized networks.

Currently, my focus is on building an innovative web3 apps on the Arweave native ecosystem. I'm busy developing smart contracts, scripts, and leading marketing efforts for groundbreaking projects.

Despite my age, I bring a mature and professional attitude to my work, backed by a solid educational background. I'm comfortable discussing collaborations, projects, and managing workflows efficiently.

With my diverse skill set and broad range of interests, I bring a unique perspective to my work.


HTML 70%
CSS 30%
Figma 85%
Node.js 75%
JavaScript 80%
React.js 45%
Arweave 90%
Handshake Node 70%
Decentralised protocols 55%
Nuxt.js 20%
Web3.js 70%
Web Design 40%


Discord Bots


Cognitive Distortions


Machine Learning

B1 English | A1 Turkish | A1 Finnish | C2 Ukrainian | C1 Russian




Travel & Journeys




To recruit and retain smart people, you need to make it easy for them to collaborate with other smart people. © Bill Gates

The conveniences invented by mankind are sometimes frightening.

Why are so many people so reckless and irresponsible?

Build on the web3.

Experience is always important. Your past is your experience.

Be grateful for every breath of life.

Think, self-develop, and act. Do not sit in one place if you realise it is not good.

Working on MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) i7 16GB 256 GB | Camera: Nikon D7000(18-105mm)
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iSovBot(Now ArLet)

2019 - 2023

Unique crypto Discord Bot

Before early 2022 it was a regular combine bot, I was gaining experience from it, but in May 2022 I changed the theme of the bot to a crypto bot. The bot interacts with the Arweave wallet and the HandShake full node, which allows transactions and other actions via /commands.


In Development

Bot for decentralised archiving of Discord servers.

With this bot, you can archive your Discord feeds into the main Arweave network, capturing your server history on the blockchain.
I'm almost done with this project at the moment. The bot will be open source. There will be maximum ease of interaction with your channels message data with better indexing, and maximum usability.

Crypto Telegram App

In Development | $30k of commited capital

Web3 Central Hub on Telegram

Support for our own blockchain, all kinds of transactions on exchanges, high-quality Mini Apps. P2P-trading, indicators, everything that can be implemented to support decentralization and useful interactions with cryptocurrencies - in this app.
I am the team leader and main developer, in the project my role is to create and implement the specs and the basics of the technical code of the core application.


Smart Contracts and Marketing on the NFT Marketplace

2023 - 2024

Build on Arweave | Developer & Marketing

Interactions with Arweave smart contracts.
Atomic Swaps, Offer Accepting Model.

Arweave has unique "lazy" contracts, the miners don't execute them, only the client, so they don't have access to AR, but we were able to solve that. This is innovative in a way, because the miners don't have to do tonnes of work, and so Arweave transactions cost pennies.

Sharding IPFS


Implementation of sharding with IPFS.

Sharding is a technique for storing and retrieving large files by splitting them into smaller pieces and distributing them across multiple storage nodes.
This makes it possible to store and retrieve files that are too large to fit on a single node.

Build on Arweave

Coming soon..

Implementation of ???.



My works on my camera

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On which the kebabs will be grilled

The Ferris wheel

On Kontraktova Square in Ukraine



Christmas tree

Christmas tree in Kiev, Ukraine. It was December 2021

Golden Evening


Golden Evening


Golden Evening


Golden Evening


Evening Sea


Evening Sea


Shish kebab

It's delicious.

Marmara Sea

A very pretty moment

The Bell

Bucharest, Romania



The Palm

They are unique

Hagia Sophia

Is a mosque and major cultural and historical site in Istanbul, Turkey.


Near the Hagia Sophia mosque


It was a bit windy.


It was a bit windy.

Lego McLaren Senna

I gave this lego car a whole photo shoot

Antonov An-225 Mriya

The biggest plane in the world

Bucharest House

They have beautiful buildings

Marmara Sea

Beautiful stones.


Brasov, Romania

A plant in my yard

No idea what it is

Podol, Ukraine.

The Podol is very pretty...

Bucharest, Romania.

The capital of Romania is beautiful

Dried palm tree

Also the sunset

Ice Cream

When I ordered a small ice cream and they brought a whole plate :D


Stones are beautiful